Benefits of big hips:

Laundry basket rest
Yoga pants
Tiny human rest
Full size human rest
Hip checking those who challenge you
Ability to swing them wider than a cadillac
Model walk is 10x more dramatic
Taking up more space
Looking like a fertility goddess






"Thanks. It has pockets!" - every girl ever responding to a compliment on a skirt/dress that has pockets (via nbronten)

covntercvltvrist ASKED:
For the numbered questions 1,22,6,9

1. What are you wearing?

Tank top and leggings, yo. 

6. Any tattoos that you want?

Nah, I already have two, I can’t imagine what else I’d put on there. 

9. Favorite show?

Currently Bob’s Burgers. Of all time, there’s a whole list of them, but Arrested Development, Fargo, Broad City, and Bob’s Burgers are all on there (among others). 

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Not long at all, actually. The hardest part is getting out of bed, then I just throw things on and I mean, I never do anything with my hair anyway, so I just brush it and don’t have to worry about it after that. I’m a simple person with simple needs. 

Anonymous ASKED:
23, 26, 41, 47, 48

23. Ever been in a physical fight?

I have actually never been in a physical fight. I don’t think anyone would find that very surprising. 

26. The reason I joined tumblr?

I joined tumblr my freshman year of high school because my best friend had one and really liked it so I thought I’d check it out. 

41. Last time you were insulted and what was it?

I honestly don’t remember. I don’t know if people insult me?? I’m sure they do just not to my face???

47. Last song you sang?

I’ve had What’s New Pussycat? stuck in my head all freaking day and have been singing it out loud to myself. 

48. Last prank call you remember doing?

No clue, actually. I don’t really remember ever doing prank calls. I’m boring, I suppose. 

perfect lighting for the smolder 

perfect lighting for the smolder 


trends guys hate:

  1. crop tops and high waisted shorts
  2. red lipstick

trends girls hate:

  1. being murdered
  2. being murdered for wearing crop tops and high waisted shorts

I need to make out. 

Against the wall, on the bed, on top of you, underneath you, on the table, my legs around your waist, yours around mine.. biting your bottom lip, kissing your neck, moaning in your ear, running my hands all over your body.